5 Top Music Festival Recommendations

Music festival

With festival season drawing to an end, there is only one thing on the mind of the party-goer; what festivals to check out next year. There are thousands of festivals across the world, and between them they cater to all needs. The more festival experience you accumulate, the more you are likely to become attuned to your own preferences and needs. If you need some help then check out the five top music festival recommendations below:

  • Exit Festival

    Location- Novi Sad, Serbia, Eastern Europe

    What is really interesting about some of the music festivals, is the history and culture behind them. Exit festival in Serbia began as a student demonstration for peace and democracy, and has been growing in numbers ever since.

    It has won several major awards, including a recent “Best Major European Festival”, and given the fact that the line-up is immense, the mixture of music across six major stages gives it mass appeal, and the spirit of activism and social justice still lives on there, it is hardly surprising.

    Exit is highly entertaining, features massive line-ups, and brings an unmissable vibe in a superb setting; it has recently been moved to Petrovaradin Fortress. In its history it has been visited by citizens of over 60 countries.

  • Burning Man

    Location- Black Rock City, Nevada Desert, USA

    This is a rather unique and enduring festival that captures the hearts of creative spirited people all across the globe. Participants bring everything they need, including enough supplies to help a neighbour in need, and set up camp in a desert city. This is an experience like no other and not for the faint-hearted. It is more of a social experiment than a music festival, and is created entirely by the people who go, for the people who go. It is all about looking after each other, and having an amazing time doing so.

    It features stunning art installations, crazy entertainment, music stages, sound systems, wacky outfits, lots of fire, and one of the biggest displays of love and humanity on the planet. Burning man is one for the bucket list. Just remember to take a dust mask.

  • Tomorrowland

    Location- Boom, Belgium

    Electronic music is taking the world by storm, as technology fuses with the rhythms of ancient tribal drums. Electronic music festivals are growing exponentially in number and in all out madness. Ten year old Tomorrowland is becoming one of the most notorious dance music festivals on the scene, and is attended by wide eyed, smiling people, from nearly every country on the globe.

    The stages are something of an immensity; towering walls of themed art, and pumping speakers. The festival goer gets lost in the world of tomorrow, which is set in a land of lakes, forests, walkways, and dance music. The festival is soon to feature a US spin-off, TomorrowWorld.

  • Glastonbury, UK

    Location- Somerset, UK

    Glastonbury is a hippie, druid, and anarchist rooted music and arts festival, that has gained huge popularity; making it something of a cultural mash up. It is nothing short of a city, erected in a process that takes weeks before the festival, when it eventually opens its doors to over 200,000 people, for a party that knows no limits.

    The festival features the world famous Pyramid stage, as well as dozens of other large stages, healing fields, workshop fields, a stone circle, a hidden dragon, a dystopia of after hours entertainment, circus fields, kids fields, an entire dance village, and a giant mechanical spider stage.

    Glastonbury still keeps glimpses of its 1970’s past, whilst moving into a modern age of fire and technology. The festival is in zones, so everyone can find the right vibe for them. The line up always features some of the biggest names in music; from pop, rock, indie, folk, world music, jazz, dance and more.

    The real charm of Glastonbury can be found by wandering around the various areas away from the main stages, to stumble upon hidden gems and unheard of bands, delicious home cooked food, and lessons in carving a stool. This is another one for the bucket list.

  • Small Festivals

    Location- All over the world

    The final recommendation for all the potential festival goers out there, is to look around for small festivals in your country or area. It can be difficult to go to a lot of large festivals every year, not least because they are expensive, and can be difficult to get to. To get the most out of your summer, try to go to some accessible and cheap music festivals; of which there are many.

    There is a totally different vibe at these small gatherings; like having a new family for the weekend. The vibe is usually intimate and creative, and although the line-ups might not feature huge names, they will be full of talent. Some people prefer small music festivals, because they are easier to navigate, and are generally more relaxed and chilled out.